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How to explore Medellin on e-bike

The bicycle allows you to travel a long distance and be very close to the spaces. It is an efficient, agile, easy means of transport and allows you to connect with the reality of the spaces.

Medellín is a city with some mobility difficulties and the bicycle is an excellent alternative. In addition, the city as a tourist destination and the bicycle as a sustainable and healthy means of transport match up to tour the city, without forgetting that riding a bicycle in Medellín is better than in many cities, since it has a climate that is not seasonal , that is, there are no extreme temperatures. The tourist potential of Medellín by bicycle has been growing in recent years, as this means of transport attracts the attention of tourists since it is possible to live the experience of the main tourist attractions of the city in a short time, in addition to the advantages to explore them by bicycle, such as contact with nature, the possibility of discovering historic neighborhoods and fluid mobility in areas of dense traffic. Approximately in the year 2014, Medellín prepared the 2030 plan, which has the goal of having about 500km of bike path in the city officially and currently there are more than 100km.

In the last ten years, using the bicycle as a means of transportation in Medellín has been increasing and gaining relevance for people. Therefore, thanks to this cultural change, bicycle racks are seen more often, the network of bicycle paths has been increasing, as well as the bicycle rental services and guided bicycle tours that exist, we at Turibike enjoy traveling day by day. the city from the electric bike, because it is a real experience, without filters of what is really lived in the streets and because it is electric, it is more comfortable, fast and sustainable. In addition to being a fun plan to get to know emblematic sites, without forgetting that one of the aspects we like the most about touring Medellín by bike is interacting with the environment, with the people, with their good energy. If you are thinking of touring Medellín by bicycle as a tourist or a local plan and you want to do it responsibly and safely, keep in mind that: • You must respect the traffic rules • Wear protective equipment (helmet, goggles…) • Have a map or know the most appropriate routes according to your level of experience (or call a turibike) 😛 • Have control of the bicycle • Leave short of luggage

Some cycling experiences in Medellín that we recommend are: • The Envigado neighborhood or the El Poblado area. • Carlos E Restrepo • Laureles: cafes and restaurants (garden street - the 2 parks) • Center: cultural plan but we recommend you go with a local, be sure to go, there is much to explore. • North zone: planetarium, explora park, botanical garden, wish park. The bicycle is a lifestyle, transcends utility and becomes a matter of identity. The culture of transporting by bicycle in Medellín is an act of resistance, it is a statement of what one believes, of the change that one wants to promote. It is a declaration of intent: I do not want to pollute, I want to be autonomous, I want to be healthy, I want to be free with my time and live the city without filters, plus the immense contribution of sustainable tourism and of the bicycle as a tool to promote mobility sustainability and quality of life in the city. Dare to get to know Medellín up close on an electric bicycle with Turibike.

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